About Us



The Alliance of Christ’s Christians in Service (The ACCS) started for many different reasons, but it really began because of the desire to build a better Church. Which was why, in the beginning, the idea of starting something like this was far from my mind. Actually it was within my full intention to do build up the church from within my home congregation in a noncontroversial and peaceful way. However, after wading through knee high mud, and then falling in well over my head, it soon became obvious that change would come slowly and through much tribulation.


The ACCS was developed to give people a rarely seen look at the scriptures; I strive to take everything that is written in the Bible and to make it as clear as possible. For it is of the upmost importance to me to convey everything, and only the things, that are truly Biblical and to do so without confusing people. Also, in an effort to make things clearer, I also look at the different “doctrines” of the churches of the day and see how they stack up against the Bible and what I have found to be biblical.  So, if you find something that you disagree with, feel free to send me your biblical reasons why and I’ll answer them as best I can.

Another ideal of The ACCS is to provide this as a service free of charge, free of SPAM and free of Ads. Because of this I will not try to sell you anything at this website or require payments for any particular service. Plus, as the orginization grows, and those around us grow as well, I hope to add more things and do more things than I currently am (hopefully sooner than later).

Peter Kucenski - Founder